Arica Daily Routine™ with yantras

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The Arica Daily Routine is the basic everyday unit of exercise and meditation of the Arica School, which, when maintained as the groundwork for our spiritual life, provides immediate short-term benefits, becoming an extraordinarily well-tuned practice for achieving mystical transcendence. Divided simply into morning and evening routines, it is very easy to follow, and by continuing regularly, an enormous spiritual strength develops. This practical format directs our life towards the aim of attaining enlightenment for the benefit of all. Thus, the Arica Daily Routine provides what is necessary for transforming our daily life energy into alive spiritual energy.

Yantras and material included in training
  • Declaration of Unity card
  • AH
  • Harmonic Consciousness
  • Hypergnostic
  • Improving Concentration yantra set
  • Universal Logos
  • Universe
  • Vows and Offerings Ritual
  • 14 Pillars of Perfect Recognition
Prerequisites: None