Hypergnostic and Psychic Space Meditations™

Hypergnostic and Psychic Space Meditations™

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The Hypergnostic Meditation training is a suggested practice to follow the Nine Hypergnostic Systems group training. The Work will be familiar to someone who has completed that training. In the group work you learn to meditate. This training gives you an opportunity to apply this knowledge further. The group training gives you the tools of self-observation and self-understanding; this individual at-home training provides the direction for continuing to expand the work towards self-understanding which began with the group training. One can choose to begin the Arica Work with this at-home training, even before doing the group trainings, but it is recommended that a group program be done as soon as possible, since the group work accelerates the process of self-observation and clarification. The indications are easy to follow and can be the basis for an ongoing daily routine. Length of training: 10-sessions.

In the Protoanalytical system of trainings, ritualized ceremonies are used as a way of concentrating time. Because of the response they produce in the human psyche, ceremonies compress a tremendous volume of process into a relatively short meditation and allow you to discharge your past deeply and effectively. "Constructing Your Psychic Space" precedes the ceremonies, which are meditations done in your Psychic Space. Inviting aspects of your life, represented as characters, into your Psychic Space, you listen to your Relative and Absolute minds make negative and positive evaluations of your experience with these aspects. The meditations lead to an understanding and acceptance of your life and an enhanced experience of the Clear Light State. It is suggested that this Work be supported with the daily routine from the Hypergnostic Meditation individual training. Length of training: 10-sessions.

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